Diner Placemats Could Be the Answer To Your Advertising Woes

Author: Jennifer Luo

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If you live in LA, you’re probably familiar with James Wang. If you don’t, you may have seen people post about the enduring prevalence of his ads in San Gabriel Valley. Plastered all over Los Angeles’s restaurant placemats, it’s difficult to miss the attorney’s gravitas. Receiving around 100 monthly calls from potential clients who view his ads while dining out, his pervasive presence on restaurant placemats brought in an influx of clients. Filling the dinner tables with his dimpled smile, he has made himself more than just a member of today’s capitalism. He has become a social phenomenon; the buzz amongst Los Angeles residents.


There’s no doubt that James Wang’s unique marketing tactics are incredible, but what makes Wang’s strategy so successful?


Making a Unique Marketing Strategy

Efficacy, expansiveness, and cost efficiency are the key facets to successful marketing.



Of course, the first point leading to Wang’s success is in his understanding of his community. Dining out for his predominantly Chinese community meant more than just a meal but an opportunity to catch up with close friends and family. Of course, his understanding of this geographic and its cultural indications contributed greatly to his success, but his understanding of the psychological benefits of advertising in a restaurant was the cornerstone to his prosperous marketing strategy.


Restaurants catch people during the most relaxed time of the day – mealtime. The natural tranquility that meals offer, paired with the soothing ambiance at a diner, prompts the prime amount of receptivity from consumers. The American Marketing Associations has found that being in a state of relaxation increases the viewer’s monetary valuations of products and services by about 10 percent, indicating the role of relaxation in positive consumer behavior[SOURCE]. By advertising on mugs and placemats, the business is connected to customers in a non-invasive and effective fashion.


The ambient restaurant atmosphere is not the only facet of Wang’s success. Unlike digital advertising, print advertising on these restaurant tables stay in front of customers for an extended period of time and brings a level of focused attention that scrolling on social media and driving on a highway cannot provide. While waiting to be served their food, the customer has between five to ten minutes to look over the mugs and placemats. Additionally, having your ad appear at diners at different locations and over a long period of time increases both the diner’s and customer’s exposure to your ad. Rather than investing in one ad in a magazine or social media site, you can invest in having your services advertised at multiple diners to increase the frequency at which people will see your ad and begin to recognize your brand. The Marketing Rule of 7 states that it takes at least seven impressions before a prospective customer will take action to actually purchase your product or service[SOURCE]. Spreading your ads across your local diners might just be what you need to increase your company’s sales and visibility.


Less for More: Expansiveness and Cost Efficiency


One of the most prominent qualities of placemat advertising is how inexpensive it is in comparison to other marketing methods. Advertising at diners costs only a small fraction of the pricey expenditure associated with digital or billboard marketing. With this part of Wang’s budget freed up, he could expand his advertisements throughout different locations. For small businesses, appearing in multiple locations is a cost effective alternative to investing a large portion of the company’s budget into a single billboard.


The very nature of placemats also makes it an effective alternative. Restaurant items, such as placemats and mugs, are positioned in front of a captive audience for about one to two hours. In comparison to the digital advertisements that play for no more than a minute and pricey newspaper or magazine advertisements, the customers have much more time to interact with the advertisement.


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